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TrendForce: Apple Beats Asus in Notebook Rankings

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TrendForce reports global Q3 2017 notebook shipments total 42.69 million units-- an increase of 0.9% Y-o-Y (or 6.8% Q-o-Q), with peak season performance exceeding previous analyst expectations.

As a result, TrendForce now expects 2017 notebook shipments to reach 162.4m units, a forecast changed from decline to a growth rate of 0.7%. Such growth follows a heightened basis period during H1 2017, as well as HP and Lenovo showing "considerable" growth during H2 2017.

Trendforce notebook market

In fact, Q3 2017 sees HP shipments reaching 11m units, a quarterly increase of 17.6%. TrendForce expects the company to have another 0.3% Q-o-Q growth in Q4 2017, before achieving the annual goal of 40m units shipped in 2017, putting it on the top of the annual notebook shipment rankings.

HDMI 2.1 Specification Gets Release

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The HDMI Forum announces version 2.1 of the HDMI specification-- an update promising support for a range of higher video resolutions and refresh rates, including 8K60 and 4K120.

HDMI Version 2.1 handles resolutions up to 10K, together with dynamic HDR formats. Bandwidth capability is increased to 48Gbps through a Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable able to handle uncompressed 8K video with HDR with exceptionally low EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and backwards compatibility with existing HDMI devices.

Microsoft Ends Kinect Production

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A Co. Design feature confirms what many were suspecting-- Microsoft has stopped production of the Kinect, the arguably revolutionary Xbox camera accessory and former device sales dark horse.

KinectThe news via interview with Kinect creator Alex Kipman and Xbox Devices Marketing GM Matthew Lapsen. The two tell Microsoft has be de-emphasising the Kinect for a while, even if the technology continues to exist in other products. The core sensor is now inside the Hololens augmented reality headset, while Kinect team members are working on the Cortana voice assistant, the Windows Hello biometric system and a future UI Microsoft calls Gaze, Gesture and Voice (GGV).

Kinect launched in 2010 as an accessory for the Xbox 360. Formerly known as "Project Natal," it essentially maps a space in invisible infrared dots in order to track the human movements. It was a surprising success, selling 8 million units in its first 60 days on the market, earning it a Guinness World Record for "fastest selling consumer electronics device."

IDC: EMEA PC Shipments "Almost Flat" in Q3 2017

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The EMEA traditional PC (desktops, notebooks and workstations) market is "almost flat" in Q3 2017, IDC reports-- shipments total 17.7 million units, a slight -0.5% Y-o-Y decline.

Commercial space sees slight (0.1% Y-o-Y) growth due to enterprise renewals and education deals, while holiday season promotions and gaming boost consumer growth. Notebooks show positive performance across EMEA (0.3%) and strong growth in CEE (5.6%), even if they are negative in both MEA (-4%) and W. Europe (-0.1%). On the other hand desktops are stronger in EMEA, eroding at a softer rate (-2.9%) with strong commercial demand in CEE (8%).

IDC Q3 2017 PC

"The overall W. European traditional PC market showed clear signs of strength," the analyst says. "Although notebooks remained the primary growth driver, desktops emerged as a stronger category, declining at a softer rate. But results were varied within the region. While southern Europe witnessed solid results with Spain, Portugal, and Greece finally opening up their IT wallets for PCs, the Nordics slumped after several quarters of solid growth. Among the 3 big Western European economies, France outperformed Germany and the UK."

G.Skill DDR4 SO-DIMM Kits for Mini-ITX Boards

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G.Skill announces the Ripjaws family of DDR4 SO-DIMM memory kits designed specifically for small-form factor (SFF) platforms, including the fastest SO-DIMM memory kit from the company yet.

GSkill memoryThe memory kits ,alomg the range come in 4 specifications-- DDR4-3800MHz CL18-18-18-38 32GB (4x8GB), DDR4-3600MHz CL16-16-16-36 32GB (4x8GB), DDR4-3200MHz CL16-16-16-36 32GB (4x8GB), and DDR4-3200MHz CL16-16-16-36 64GB (4x16GB). All are based on the Samsung B-die DDR4 ICs, feature XMP 2.0 profilesĀ and require 1.35V.

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