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Tile Bluetooth Trackers Go Pro

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Tile presents the Pro series-- an update of the company's Bluetooth tracker product offering an increased Bluetooth range, twice the volume and more water resistance.

Tile ProThe Pro series consists of two devices, the Tile Sport and Tile Style. Both feature Bluetooth range reaching 60m, louder ring tone and water resistance for up to 1 hour in 1.5m of water. They are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to search for lose items through speech.

Why the Smart Connector is Underused

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Why don't more products take advantage of the Smart Connector, the magnetic snap-in port found in the iPad Pro? Fast Company spoke to a number of accessory makers, and discovered the reason is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple itself.

iPad Pro Smart ConnectorSo far only four accessories support the Smart Connector. One is the Apple Smart Keyboard, the first and only iPad Pro keyboard cover. Then there are two keyboards and a docking station, all made by Logitech. Logitech managed to bring its Smart Connector-enabled products to market thanks to a close partnership with Apple, meaning other companies having to compete with both.

As Incipio tells Fast Company, “with an iPad Pro keyboard on the market already, we are evaluating the market’s appetite for another iPad Pro keyboard and identifying if there are any gaps that we can fill... [W]e are developing with having a point of difference in mind rather than developing to be quick to market.”

Samsung Presents Next V-NAND Generation

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Samsung announces the next generation of 3D vertical NAND memory technology-- including the first 1-Terabit (Tb) V-NAND chip and a NGSFF (Next Generation Small Form Factor) SSD.

VNAND UpdteAs the name suggests, V-NAND stacks memory cells on top of each other, allowing for more density than equivalents built on a single, 2D plane. The result also promises more speed and reliability, as well as less chance of breakdowns. The technology finds applications anywhere from smartphones to datacentres, and has already found its way in a consumer product, specifically 256 gigabit consumer SSDs.

The aforementioned 1Tb V-NAND chip was first mentioned back in 2013, during the unveiling of the technology itself. It launches next year, and will enable the creation of 2TB of memory on a single V-NAND package stacking 16 1Tb dies, making what Samsung claims is "one of the most important memory advances of the past decade."

Nvidia Recalls Shield AC Wall Adapter

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Nvidia starts a voluntary recall program for Shield tablet and Shield TV AC power adapters in mainland Europe-- the result of a fault in the two-prong European plug head connected to the power brick.

Nvidia tablet According to the company, the plug head can break, causing a "risk of electric shock." As a result, Nvidia urges customers to immediately stop using the recalled European plug heads and contact NVIDIA for a free replacement."

A press release from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states the issue affects nearly 7000 units, and so far Nvidia has received 9 reports of European plug heads breaking. The figure includes 6 customers who ended up receiving an electric shock as a result.

IDC: Tablet Decline Slows in Q2 2017

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According to IDC, the tablet market continued to slide downwards in Q2 2017-- global shipments total 37.9 million, a -3.4% Y-o-Y decline, despite notable product launches such as the new, lower priced iPad.

Not even detachable tablets could save the quarter, as customers prefer to wait for upcoming product refreshes from the high-profile likes of Apple and Microsoft. That said, new product launches towards the end of Q2 should leave detachables in a stronger position on H2 2017.

IDC Q2 2017 tablets

"There's been a resetting of expectations for detachables as competing convertible notebooks offered a convincing and familiar computing experience for many," the analyst remarks. "To date, the 2-in-1 market was bifurcated as Apple and Microsoft led with detachables while the PC vendors led with convertibles. Though that is slowly changing as smartphone vendors and traditional PC vendors begin to offer compelling alternatives, the pace has been rather slow as Surface and iPad Pro still dominate shelf space and mindshare."

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