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DRAM Makers Consolidation?

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DRAM Makers Consolidation?

Losing money on every chip they make, DRAM makers in the $28.8 billion highly cyclical computer-memory chip industry must scramble for cover to survive in 2009.

The German government of Saxony may rescue Qimonda with an offer a €150 million loan if Infineon matches it. Taiwan expects to help the country's five major chip makers. Nanya is talking to USA partner Micron, to Taiwan government and to Powerchip. TSMC might buy ProMOS' fabs and shed the company's memory business.

Japan& Continue reading...

USB 10X Faster: 1st Upgrade in 8 Years

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USB will have its first major upgrade in 8 years — featuring 10X speed upgrade from current USB 2.0 standard. Today’s USB takes about 10 minutes to transfer a high-def video from a Blu-ray disc. With USB 3.0 (also called SuperSpeed USB), it will take only about a minute.

The first USB 3.0 devices won't show up until Q4 next year but at January CES you will probably see it in demos around HD video cameras and hard drives.

USB was first introduced in 1996 and last year more than 2.6 Continue reading...

Flash Memory Market to Fall 14%

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The worldwide NAND flash memory will see a 14% fall in revenue to $12 billion in 2008, down from $13.9 billion in 2007, predicts iSuppli. This year would be the first time ever WW NAND flash revenue declined on an annual basis.

And next year will be the second time as global NAND flash memory will decline by another 15% in value. Driving prices down are retailers as nearly 80% of the chips sold each year end up in personal media players, storage cards and USB flash drives.

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New Memory Company: Numonyx B.V.

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New Memory Company: Numonyx B.V.

Headquartered in Switzerland and incorporated in the Netherlands, Numonyx begins with 7000 employees worldwide with facilities in USA, Italy, China, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Numonyx gets a substanial worldwide patent portfolio from parents Intel and STMicroelectronics. The patents and applications cover a variety of technologies including flash memory and PCM, graphics, cell phones, storage media, processors, semiconductor manufacturing and packaging, and various consumer devices. Continue reading...

Micron, Nanya Will Cooperate On Chip Design

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Micron and Nanya Technology sign a preliminary deal to set up a joint venture and cooperate on technology development.

Financial terms of the agreement weren't disclosed. The deal centers on collaborating on technology for making DRAMs.

Micron is the biggest U.S. DRAM maker by revenue. Nanya is Taiwan's second-biggest producer (after Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.)

Prices of DRAM chips fell nearly 80% in the past year.

The weak environment is forcing DRAM makers globally to seek partners to share Continue reading...

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