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The End of the DVD Wars

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The End of the DVD Wars

Toshiba will no longer develop, make or market HD DVD. This makes Blu-ray (backed by Sony & Panasonic and five major Hollywood movie studios) the winner in the battle over high-def. The HD DVD camp included Microsoft, Intel Corp and NEC Corp. So you could also conclude the consumer electronics boys outmaneuvered the IT guys in this war.

Toshiba says the pivotal point was when Warner Bros. decided to release movie only in Blu-ray, so content was a key factor. Retail played its role: WalMart’s Continue reading...

Kyocera set to buy Sanyo unit

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Kyocera will buy Sanyo's loss-making mobile phone unit for 378m euros. After 3 years of losses (and coaching by Goldman Sachs), Sanyo hopes to rebuild focusing on solar cells and Kyocera wants to create the world's 6th biggest handset maker.

Read the deal. 

Lenovo Consumer Push In Europe in Doubt

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Lenovo says it may scale back its launch into the European consumer market next year, if the credit crisis and economic slowdown worsen. Milko Van Duijl, president of Lenovo's EMEA division, says the company will take a final decision in this first quarter.


Lenovo may decide to concentrate more on launching in emerging markets, such as Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and delay entry into more mature markets in Western Europe. "I am a believer in focus - doing fewer things but Continue reading...

Dell signs DSGi

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Dell signs DSGiThe No.2 PC maker moves farther from its direct-to-consumer sales model with a new agreement to sell its PCs through DSGi's European network of store brands including, Currys, Electro World, Elkjop, PC City and PC World.


The DSGi-Dell agreement covers 1300 stores in 12 European markets: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the U.K.


LatitudeBeginning this January, consumers will find a full portfolio of Dell Continue reading...

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