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TrueConf Adds 4K Video Conferencing to Nvidia Shield

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TrueConf announces the means to run 4K video conferencing on Smart TVs based on the Nvidia Shield with an application turning the games console into an Android-based conferencing endpoint.

Shield TrueConfPowered by Nvidia NVENC technology, TrueConf for Android TV pushes video at 2160p and 30fps and processes both incoming and outgoing streams using the H.264 codec. The application provides all video conferencing features, such as chatting, content sharing and video recording, with a UI adapted for gamepad or remote control.

“By integrating our technologies with Nvidia, we’ve brought video conferencing hardware encoding to mobile devices,” TrueConf says. “With Nvidia technologies, developers can extend mobile applications functionality, adding the features which were previously available only on desktop PCs.”

The TrueConf for Android TV app is available now from the Google Play app store.

Go TrueConf Brings 4K Video Conferencing to Smart TVs