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Qualcomm Readies Windows 10 PCs

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A Hong Kong summit sees Qualcomm further detail what it describes as "Cellular PCs"-- Windows 10 machines running on ARM-based processors promising a "hypermobile experience."

Snapdragon pcsSuch devices were first revealed last summer at Taipei's Computex 2017, where Qualcomm presented "Snapdragon PCs" combining PC functionality with the always-on convenience of mobile devices. The show featured Snapdragon 835-powered laptops running Windows 10 and popular applications, including Office and Photoshop, with the 64-bit ARM-based processor providing enough power for convincing x86 emulation.

As for the aforementioned Hong Kong summit, Trusted Reviews reports Microsoft was in attendance to confirm the existence of such machines. Set for a December 2017 launch, they are still based on the Snapdragon 835 chip, and promise nothing less than multi-day battery life Microsoft claims is a "game-changer.

Another interesting feature is eSIM integration, allowing for always-on LTE connectivity. However, in a separate interview with ZDNet, Microsoft admits such functionality requires collaboration from mobile operators and, ultimately "a fundamental shift" in networks.

So far three OEMs are making Snapdragon PCs-- HP, Asus and Lenovo. The number of partners will increase later on, bringing about a wide portfolio of machines with a range of form factors and price points.

Microsoft and Qualcomm say they have been working for over a year on the ARM-powered laptops, to ensure the implementation is right for the market. We will learn more once such machines are available to a wider public.

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