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Amazon Judges You With Echo Look

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Amazon reveals its rumoured security camera product-- only it is not a security camera at all, since the Echo Look is actually an Alexa-powered "style assistant" camera.

Echo LookThe Echo Look consists of a depth-sensing camera with a built-in LED light, microphone and base mount. It acts as something of a smart mirror, allowing users to take full-length photos or short videos of their different outfits, before asking Alexa what it thinks of said outfit. No, really.

A Style Check service uses AI algorithms and fashion specialist advice to provide tips and opinions, and the more one uses it the better it gets at giving fashion advice. Or so Amazon claims, at any rate. Being an Echo device it also acts like other Amazon speakers, with smart home control, news reading, music playback and other such features.

The Echo Look is currently available through Amazon (where else?) on an invite-only basis. Will customers be open to having their fashions judged by a robot, we wonder?

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