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IDC: Notebooks Boost EMEA PC Q2 2016 Shipments

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EMEA PC shipments perform "above expectations" in Q2 2016 according to IDC, reaching 16 million units-- a -4.7% decrease, with W. European shipments stabilising at -0.8% Y-o-Y.

On the other hand CEE and MEA shipments remain "constrained" at -8.5% and -13.3% Y-o-Y respectively.


Helping improve EMEA PC shipments are notebooks, with declines stabilising at -1.7% Y-o-Y, the first Y-o-Y comparison not impacted by Bing shipments. Notebooks actually drive W. European shipments with 4.1% growth, the result of demand from the commercial segment bringing about EMEA commercial notebook growth of 3.7%.

However consumer markets remain on the decline due to a difficult market created by the now familiar combination of volatile exchange rates, oil price fluctuations, macroeconomic and political developments.

"In EMEA, notebook continued to outperform desktop with improvements mainly in the commercial segment," IDC says. "Multiple factors drove this growth. In the Nordics, back to school was one key contributors to shipments. Renewals and continued expansion over desktop in some sectors and countries also led to an increase. New product designs based on Skylake and Windows 10 generated large interest among business users seeking enhanced mobility features and supported new form factor penetration from a low base."

The analyst expects Brexit to bring about at least some change in the W. European PC market, even no market contraction can be attributed directly to the referendum result as yet. However some PC vendors might be reviewing 2017 plans and pricing strategies due to uncertainty, leading consumers to stick with old machines instead of sustaining a price increase to purchase a replacement. Enterprises might also decide to review IT budget and plans, leading to more cautious spending.

"The W. European market fared better than expected," the analyst adds. "As anticipated, the commercial segment continued to drive the overall market. After several quarters of decline and a stabilization last quarter, Q2 2016 marked the return of commercial notebooks to positive double-digit growth. In the absence of Bing comparisons, the consumer segment returned to almost normal market conditions. However, inventory levels in some channels remained high. This could have an adverse impact on shipments in the next couple of quarters if products are not moving as fast as expected."

Meanwhile CEE continues to struggle, with a commercial space suffering a strong -10.5% Y-o-Y decline due to a lack of public spending and weak corporate deals. MEA PC performance fares slightly lower than expectations with a -13.3% Y-o-Y drop.

When it comes to vendors HP leads with a strong performance (4.2% Y-o-Y growth) allowing it to take over 25.4% Q2 2016 market share. Lenovo maintains 2nd place with 19.4% share despite slower growth, followed by Dell and Asus. Acer remains in 5th place with flat market share and a focus on inventory management.

Outside the top 5 Apple comes 6th, while Fujitsu and Toshiba take 7th and 8th place.

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