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Quantum Dots Hit PC Monitors

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Philips Monitors (MMD) launches what it claims is the first desktop monitor featuring quantum dot technology-- the 27-inch 276E6ADS, the result of a collaboration with nanomaterials specialist QD Vision.

Philips Quantum dotsAccording to the two companies the monitor uses the combination of Color IQ semiconductor nanocrystal technology and a 1920x1080 resolution panel to produce a more dynamic colour range, thus showing the "true" palette encoded in imagery.

The display should also be ideal for graphic artists and video enthusiasts, as it reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut.

Quantum dots are essentially tiny crystals that glow in different colours when lights shine through them. The colours produced depend on the size of the crystal, and are more vibrant than those from traditional LCD panels.

Such displays also promise to be more durable than the alternatives.

The 276E6ADS monitor should hit European markets by end Q3 2015.

Go MMD, QD Vision Introduce First Quantum Dot Monitor