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Cryorig Customod Covers, Cryo-Paste

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Cryorig announces a set of PC customisation and cooling products ahead of Taipei Computex 2015 with the Customod colored heatsink covers and the three Cryo-Paste thermal paste products, the CP5, CP7 and CP15.

CryorigThe Customod covers are compatible with the Cryorig R1 Universal and R1 Ultimate heatsinks, and come in 6 different colours (red, blue, green, orange, black and white). Each Customod pack comes with two covers, which should fit with high-end boards from major mainboard vendors.

Cryorig says more Customod products are in the works, including more colour and coating finishes as well as compatibility with other heatsink models.

Meanwhile the CP5, CP7 and CP15 thermal paste offerings feature different characteristics, as based on thermal performance, spread ease and particle density. The CP5 pass is the "absolute best" in performance and particle density, the CP7 is a "good combination" of performance and spread ease, and the CP15 is ideal for entry level customers.

The package comes complete with a mini spreader and an alcohol pad for the cleaning of CPU surfaces.

All the above products should be available following Taipei Computex 2015.

Go Cryorig Announces New Line of Customod Covers and Cryo-Paste