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Media Markt Trials CE Drive-In

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The newly opened Media Markt flagship store in Ingolstadt promises to be not only the retailer's most modern outlet yet, but also the first with a feature more associated with fast food restaurants-- a drive-in service.

Media Markt drive-inThe concept runs in a similar fashion to the way it does in the catering industry. Customers order products via either website or Media Markt app before get in their cars, drive down to the Ingolstadt store, present their order confirmation and pick up their purchases.

Customers wary of online shopping can also pay at the drive-in.

According to the retailer the Media Markt drive-in is housed in a "completely redesigned" covered area at the back, and since it is a "genuine" drive-thru customers simply drive right in to pick up their purchases, with no need for parking.

Currently the drive-in service is in testing phase, but should it show promise at Ingolstadt Media Markt might consider roll-out across other stores in the continent.

Go Media Markt Opens World's First Drive-In in Ingolstadt