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The Desktop PC Case that's also… a Desk

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In these days of increasingly small hardware, it's good to see a massive old fashioned PC. Like the DK-01X and DK-02X, PC cases so big they double as a desk. No, seriously, they have legs and everything!

PC Case DeskPresented at Computex by Taiwanese case maker Lian Li, the DK-01X and DK-02X are aluminium work desks featuring a lockable sliding drawer with enough space for an HPTX-size motherboard. Or two in case of the DK-02X, since it is large enough to house an extra mini-ITX system.

The drawer inside the DK-01X is 90cm long, while the DK-02X is 125cm. Both support 360mm radiators on the side, have removable front brackets, carry up to 3 monitor mounts and have space for plenty of ports, connections and storage.

Customers can even get a tempered glass top to admire their PCs' guts. For the curious desk height is 805mm adjustable to 835mm

The Lian Li desk PC cases should be available from end July 2014.

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