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A Smart Scale for Smart Nutrition

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Ex-Apple employee turned technology journalist Michael Grothaus proposes a tablet-powered means for customers wanting to easily keep closer track of their nutrition-- the SITU Bluetooth food scale.

SITU The SITU shows the weight and  nutritional value of food the user plans to eat. It connects to iPads or Android tablets via Bluetooth, and a companion app calculates the nutrition value of the food in question, from calories to salt, sugars, vitamins and minerals. In other words, it promises to eliminate the need for calorie counting tables and the like.

The easy to use app even keeps track of entire meals, and provides a user history complete with nutrient limit alerts and data exporting options.

Grothaus says the idea behind the SITU came about during his days at Apple, where he was struggling to keep his weight down. He says the devices can be useful for people other than weight watchers, including diabetics and athletes.

The SITU is currently available in Kickstarter crowd funding/pre-order form, and should ship from November 2014 once it reaches a £35000 campaign goal.

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