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Gartner, IDC: XP Migration Offsets Weak Demand... Slightly

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The global PC market remains in decline during Q1 2014 according to Gartner and IDC, even if both analysts agree the severity of said decline has eased compared to past quarters and shipment estimates.

Gartner WW Q1 2014 PC

However the analysts differ on the actual numbers-- Gartner says Q1 2014 PC shipments total 76.6 million units with a -1.7% Y-o-Y decline, while IDC has more severe totals with shipments dropping by -4.4% Y-o-Y to 73.4m units, an improvement of sorts over previous projections of -5.3% decline.

IDC Q1 2014 PC

Microsoft's ending of Windows XP support helped improve enterprise PC refresh in mature markets, and slow(er) tablet demand appears to help constrain notebook cutbacks.

In news relevant to our situation both IDC and Gartner report an improving EMEA situation-- Gartner even says the region has returned to growth. Admittedly very slight growth at 0.3% Y-o-Y, but still an improvement after 8 quarters of straight decline.

According to Gartner EMEA Q1 2014 PC shipments total 22.9m units thanks to the "XP effect" and a general increase in professional spending.

Gartner EMEA Q1 2014

“The end of support for Windows XP has boosted commercial desktop sales, driven in part by delayed government buying in major W. European countries,” the analyst says. “The professional PC market looks stronger overall [...] We also expect to see the impact of XP migration to continue throughout 2014.”

HP leads the Gartner EMEA Q1 2014 chart, with shipments growing by 15.3% Y-o-Y to 4.5m units. Lenovo follows with 35.6% Y-o-Y growth and an increasing consumer market presence, while Dell and Asus also see shipment growth.

IDC does not have actual EMEA numbers yet, but describes performance for the quarter as "above expectations" thanks to XP migration and improving macro-economic outlook across a number of markets. However some countries remain affected by currency fluctuations and high inventory.

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