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A Keyboard Switch for Gaming

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According to Razer the keyboard is ripe for a redesign aimed at PC gamers-- specifically the Razer Mechanical Switch, an overhaul of the humble mechanical switch found in most keyboards.

Razer keyboardFor the curious, most keyboards on the market carry Cherry MX switches. But not the recently launched Razer BlackWidow keyboard, whose switches promise "a lighter and smoother feel" according to professional StarCraft player Jens "Snute" Aasgaard.

The Razer switches come in two flavours-- "tactile and clicky" Green (requires 50g of force to actuate) and "tactile yet silent" Orange (requires 45g of force).

“Our engineers’ focus for the specification was on speed, accuracy and durability to bring the unfair advantage to gamers worldwide," the company claims.

Razer's take on the keyboard switch can be found in the BlackWidow gaming keyboard family available now.

Go Razer Launches First Keyboard Mechanical Switch Designed for Gaming