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Mo-Caping Future Gaming?

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Startup YEI Technology proposes a wearable means for customers wanting more immersive gaming and, perhaps, a spot of exercise-- the PrioVR, a motion-sensing suit able to turn body movements into in-game actions.

PrioVRFirst seen at CES 2014 as a working prototype paired with the Oculus Rift VR headset, the PrioVR comes in Lite, Core and Pro versions. The Lite is an upper-body only suit with 8 sensors tracking the torso and arms. The Core is a full-body number with 12 sensors torso, arms and legs, and the Pro boosts sensor count to 17 for a system YEI claims is suitable even for professional motion capture.

"Inertial" sensors promise 360-degree low-latency real-time motion tracking, without need for Kinect-style cameras or additional equipment. Connectivity is wireless (YEI does not specify the technology in use), and the system handles multiple simultaneous users.

Each suit also includes a pair of hand-controllers with buttons, triggers and joysticks.

Readers with longer memories might actually recall earlier mentions of the PrioVR-- an earlier version appeared on Kickstarter back on September 2013. Initial unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign unsuccessful, YEI went back to the drawing board for an improved, lower-cost version, one managing to reach a $75000 goal in around 24 hours (at time of writing the pledge total stands at $140000).

YEI claims motion tracking suit preorder shipments will kick off on June 2014. The packages will feature playable demos, although the company hopes to have game developers on board until then.

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