A Pear to Double MacBook Storage


TarDisk presents an SD card-based solution for customers wanting to double MacBook storage-- the Pear, a product the company says creates a hybrid drive working hand in hand with the built-in drive.

TarDisk PearWhat makes the Pear different from other SD card products is software "merging" the SD card with the MacBook SSD, creating unified storage volume users can tap into like a regular built-in drive.

As TarDisk puts it, "unlike most external hard drives, where manual file allocation is necessary, this SD card creates a hybrid drive, combining the card and the internal hard drive into one. When installed, the hard drive is increased by up to 256GB and the product lies flush with the side wall of the laptop.”

The Pear-created logically merged volume is OSX-managed, and primarily makes use of the internal SSD before sending data to the microSD card. It stores frequently accessed data on SSD, as is the read/write buffer ("swap-space-equivalent") to buffer writes on files located on the Pear.

It also allows for direct restoration from TimeMachine backups in case of failure.

The Pear is available now with either 128 or 256GB storage.

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