EVGA Intros Epower V VRM Board


PC component maker EVGA announces the Epower V-- a standalone 12+2 VRM board designed to provide devices such as graphic cards or motherboards with additional power.

EVGA EPower vThe Epower V provides customers with two fully-independent voltage outputs, with EVBot MKII facilitating on-the-fly voltage control. The board has an onboard VCORE and VMEM LED display, allowing one to quickly check status, while integrated EVBOT MKII buttons provide means to easily adjust voltages, upgrade the firmware and connect the EVBot to control the graphics card remotely.

For greater flexibility users can connect the board to PCs via USB-C port for software control (also used for firmware updates).

The VMEM voltage adjustment range is 600 - 2300mV, with 80A capacity, and maximum peak capacity reaching 90A at 1.9V output voltage. On the other hand VCORe adjustment is 600 - 2000mV, with 600A rated capacity and 620A maximum peak capacity at 1.85V output voltage.

Also included are DIP switches to remotely control VDROOP, force overclock voltages and/or offset voltages, while ProbeIT connectors allow easy connection to a multimeter to easily read voltages. To keep the system cool EVGA recomments the use of one or two 12v fans, attached via pair of fan connectors.

The Epower V is available now in European markets. The company also provides a free online guide on how to implement the board (an admittedly complex process, by anyone's standards), courtesy of partner KingPin.

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