A Caavo STB to Rule All TV Devices?


A startup founded by the developers of the Sling box presents what it hopes is one STB to rule them all-- the Caavo, an STB able to control up to 8 different devices at once, as well popular streaming services.

CaavoThe Caavo comes in the shape of an stylish console complete with a replaceable wooden top. It has 8 HDMI inputs paired with software the developer claims automatically recognises and configures just about any device, making it a universal input for all home entertainment needs. Control comes through companion universal remote armed with touchscreen and multi-functional buttons, as well as connected voice-controlled assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Making the Caavo more interesting is universal search-- essentially the box can look for content from all connected sources, including pay TV boxes. One can also specify the devices launched by specific services, like Amazon Video shows launching solely through the Fire TV.

On the video output side the STB handles 4K output, if without HDR support on launch (HDR10 will arrive later via future software update). Dolby Vision support is also not included, since it requires additional hardware.

Caavo preorders are set to start from May 2017, with shipments to kick off sometime later this year.

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