DDR5, NVDIMM-P Standards Ready in 2018


The JEDEC solid state technology association announces development on the DDR5 and DVDIMM-P memory standards is "moving forward rapidly," and should be done by 2018.

Memory sticksDDR5 RAM promises a number of advantages over previous DRAM technologies, including double the density and bandwidth of DDR4, as well as improved channel efficiency and greater power efficiency. It also provides server and client platforms with a more user-friendly interface for performance and power management tweaking.

Meanwhile NVDIMM-P is a hybrid DRIMM technology providing high capacity persistent memory modules for computing systems. An augmentation (not a replacement) of existing NVDIMM-N, it is optimised for cost, power usage and performance, and can be described as a competitor to Intel's take on hybrid memory technology, Optane.

JEDEC will release more details on both DDR5 and NVDIMM-P at the its Server Forum event on June 2017.

Go JEDEC DDR5 and NVDIMM-P Standards Under Development