Corsair Presents Special Edition DDR4 RAM


Corsair announces what it claims is "extremely rare, exceptionally crafted" DDR4 RAM-- the Dominator Platinum Special Edition, high-performance memory available in a variety of configurations.

Corsair platinumDesigned for systems based on Intel X99 and 100 series motherboards, the modules are clocked at 3200MHz and can be overclocked to 3600MHz. Also included is a 10-lyaer PCB, DHX cooling and full XMP certification for one-touch overclocking. However what makes the modules a "Special Edition" is looks, with a choice of either "Chrome" polished or "Blackout" matte finishes.

Chrome modules are covered in highly polished mirror-finished aluminium with sandblasted textured upper edges, while Blackout modules are surface coated with matte black sandblasted aluminium with highly polished upper edges. Both module options also feature a pure white LED pipe running between the rungs of the top bar that lights up when the memory is in use.

Making the modules even more special is limited appeal-- Dominator Platinum memory is only available in batches of 500, and each module is laser-engraved and numbered. The range is available now in the UK and Germany.

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