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JUST for Geeks

Future According to Gates

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Bill Gates says he expects the next decade to bring even greater technological leaps than the past 10 years, especially in the ways people interact with computers: speech-recognition, tablets that recognize handwriting, and touch-screens.


Gates also sees rapid changes in media as TV increasingly becomes a targeted medium, where viewers can select niche content for news, sports and entertainment. "TV will be based on the Internet; it will be an utterly different thing," declares Bill. Continue reading...

Your Body: A DigitalTattoo That’s Bloodless

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Your Body: A DigitalTattoo That’s Bloodless

Some people’s genius is just frightening…

Engineer Jim Mielke's invention, as demonstrated at a Greener Gadgets Design Competition, is a wireless blood-fueled display subcutaneously implanted. A touch-screen operates as a cell phone display (with the potential for 3G video calls that are visible just underneath the skin.)
When the phone rings, for example, an individual turns the display on, and "the tattoo comes to life as a digital video of the caller." Mielke told press. Continue reading...

Test Your Brain at CeBIT. Yes, Really…

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 There will be a stand at CeBIT where they will place EEG electrodes on your head to measure your brain activity. Then they will capture 3 minutes of your EEG data to train a system to control all the functions of a house via..yep, you got it!..your own brain waves.

The brain wave system allows you to switch on the TV, play music, open the doors and windows, operate a camera at the door, walk through the house, and many other activities.

More importantly, this device may prove (although this research is not the intention of the maker) that we still have brain waves after being in this I.T. business for years. Think ahead with Brain Control.

"Knee-Powered" Mobiles?

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Hybrid-electric cars such as the Toyota Prius take advantage of stop-and-go driving using so-called "regenerative braking," where the energy normally dissipated as heat is used to drive a generator.

Now scientists can apply the same principle to walking and a stroll from Hall at CeBIT to Hall 6 could be enough to re-charge your mobile phone or Blackberry.

US and Canadian scientists adapted a knee brace to generate enough energy to power a mobile phone for 30 minutes from one minute of walking. Continue reading...

Plugging into Green Plug

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 Green technology will be a CeBIT theme this year. In USA, start-up GreenPlug wowed Demo conference-goers with Greentalk, a Universal Power Protocol chip that could be used at the heart of adapters and power hubs. Green Plug is encouraging OEMs to adopt the technology, which means they would have to make fewer different types of adapters.


Go GreenPlug 

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