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Personal Storage

World’s Smallest 8GB USB Drive

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World’s Smallest 8GB USB DriveSuper Talent Technology shows three new 8GB USB Flash drives, including the world’s smallest 8GB drive.


These new drives include: PICO-A, with a swivel lid; the retractable PICO-B; and ultra small PICO-C. Super Talent’s patented PICO series USB drives are manufactured using chip-on-board (COB) technology, which enables up to 8GB of Flash storage to fit into an incredibly minute case. PICO-C drives weigh less than a nickel (about 4.7 grams) and measure only 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm. Continue reading...

EMC Buys Iomega, Goes Consumer

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EMC Buys Iomega, Goes ConsumerEMC acquires Zip-drive maker Iomega for $212.5 million, stopping a stock-swap merger with Great Wall Technology. Great Wall gets a $7.5 million deal-termination fee.


The darling of personal storage in the ‘90s, the makers of Zip and Jazz drives, Iomega was once one of the hottest stocks in high tech, selling at $110 per share.


Enterprise storage player EMC paid only $3.85 a share as a way to move into the high-growth consumer and small-business markets. Recently EMC paid $75 million Continue reading...

Toshiba Readies Solid-State Drives

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Toshiba Readies Solid-State DrivesToshiba will manufacture flash-based solid-state drives for laptops early next year, which the company says will offer faster boot times and lower power consumption than hard disk drives. The drives will initially come in three capacities: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.  High prices for NAND flash memory have limited adoption of the drives so far, but Toshiba and other memory makers such as Samsung are expected to ramp up production, which should lower prices and spur wider use. Solid state drives are Continue reading...

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