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AMD CEO Promises Re-Structuring

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Frustrated once more by Intel, CEO Hector Ruiz is forced to study AMD’s exit from businesses outside AMD’s core: microprocessors and graphics chips.

It’s ironic the company may have to cut the very escape routes they desire the most to retreat from a deadly-competitive universe ruled by the blue giant star, Intel.

While Intel wooed Apple, AMD chose to woo Dell, once a famously-exclusive Intel shop. When AMD stumbled in its counterattack to Intel’s new chip line, AMD’s Continue reading...

Nvidia’s Huang Harangues Intel

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Nvidia’s Huang Harangues IntelApparently Nvidia Founder/CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is less scared of Intel technology than their PR machine. “Intel Inside” (where integrated-graphics silicon are inside most Intel chipsets) doesn’t bother him as much as “Intel Outside” (the pervasive image of Intel as the unstoppable Graphics Rambo).


Another day, another comment from an Intel technologist who predicted “consumers probably won't need discrete cards in the future,” provoked this response: Continue reading...

Make Notebooks More Green

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Green is in and one maker thinks it has the answer for all the laptops and MIDs out there. JJI Technologies showed at CeBIT a new material that’s economical, more than just RoHS and WEEE compliant, easy to assemble, and non-toxic even if it’s set on fire.

 PolyFR™ compound is a non-halogen flame retarded polypropylene compound designed for use in applications where UL-94 V-0 performance is required. It has outstanding low temperature impact strength, tensile properties and Continue reading...

Nanya May Buy Out Qimonda in Inotera Memories JV

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Nanya, one of Taiwan's largest makers of DRAM chips in revenue terms, began discussions with Qimonda after signing a preliminary agreement earlier this month with Micron Technology Inc. to set up a JV to develop technology for making DRAM chips.   Go Inotera Panicking?

Notebook Battery Shortage

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Dell, Asus and HP say there’s a shortage of laptop batteries, partly because of a recent fire at LG Chem, second biggest Korean battery maker. The fire has driven PC makers back to other makers including Sony (remember world’s largest product recall of tales of exploding batteries?) LG Chem expects the Ochang plant to start production again in three months.   Go LG Chem

Geek Grandma vs. Giants of Industry

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Geek Grandma vs. Giants of IndustryOnce more the name Rothschild strikes fear in the heart of the business community. Dr. Gertrude Neumark Rothschild holds patents she thinks cover "short-wavelength (e.g., blue, violet)” LEDs and laser diodes used in handheld mobile devices, instrument panels, billboards, traffic lights, high def DVD players (Blu-ray), and data storage devices.  The US International Trade Commission takes her claim seriously and will officially investigate a Who’s Who in Electronics (Hitachi, Continue reading...

Low Cost Intel PC Platform Comes to Europe

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Classmate PC1Classmate PC3Computer makers in Europe will sell a 2nd-generation version of the Intel-designed Classmate PC for about 300 euros.

 Intended as kiddie PCs, their arrival in the market will fuel the low-cost computing movement.

The new, low-cost laptops developed from Intel technology will run on Windows. Intel says makers in India, Mexico and Indonesia already sell Classmate PC laptops to retail clients.

  Go Classmate 

Solid State Drives Not So Solid?

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Just as notebook makers increasingly adopt SSDs, an industry analyst says a major builder (Dell presumably) experiences a 20-30% return (performance issues piling on top of 10-20% failure rates.)


Intel is expected to enter the SSD market with 80GB-160GB. With SSD failures 10X higher than HDDs (10-12% vs. 0.5-2%), making reliable SSDs will be the key that could differentiate SSD vendors.


SSD’s high failure rates come at a price: $1000 extra for a notebook with SSD.


Go Avian Continue reading...

What’s Green, Wireless and Fully Recyclable?

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What’s Green, Wireless and Fully Recyclable?

The Lenovo Idea Pad, Apple AirBook, Asus eeePc…like Alice in Wonderland, notebooks are shrinking, shrinking…

Call them Ultra Mobile Devices. But supposing someone tied this UMD excitement to the urgency of Green IT?

Meet the UNI-V100, a new fully recyclable notebook for under 199 Euro MSRP and shown for the first time ever at CeBIT.

A Linux based subnotebook with Strong ARM processor that comes with a suite of office tools, theUni-V100 comes from China. It’s wireless-enabled and Continue reading...

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