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250GB isTop HDD for Notebooks

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The top-selling HDD capacity for notebooks in six W. European countries became 250GB for the first time in August, with 23% share, outselling 160GB (22%) and 120GB (21%).

Context research says distribution sales (for France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK) also highlights 80GB in fourth position with 10% (stable over the previous month), while 320GB jumps from 5% (July) to 8% (August).

Go See the Chart & Unit Sales

The Scent of the PC

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 Asus adds scent to four laptops. If this smells like good business, that’s because the scent is supposed to evoke certain moods from buyers.

Asus developed a heat-transfer print technology that embeds scent into clear plastic film. The film is applied to the notebook cover will last for up to six months. Cold weather extends the scent; sun and wind shortens it.

GO Asus Adds the Smell of Success

Fashionable Dell Now

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It’s all about fashion and design at Dell now, as they talk about adding designers and selling off all their 11 factories. That brings the master of direct sales around to an Apple model. Analysts say the shift to notebooks clobbered Dell’s once-winning model based on custom-building desktops.

GO Dell Wants to Sell Off Factories

Price for 3.5" Internal HDD Drops by 8% in Q208

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Price for 3.5

The Average Selling Price (ASP) of 3.5-inch internal Hard Disk Drives (HDD) in Q2 08 dropped 8%, according to data from researcher Context, covering distribution sales for France, Germany and the UK.

Prices drop from Euro 62.7 (excl. tax) in Q108, to Euro 57.6 in Q208 (see table on web site). The lowest peak was registered in May '08, with Euro 53, down from Euro 62 in April.

In the 2.5-inch internal HDD sector (where the ASP had been stable during Q2, Q3 and Q407, ranging between Euro 112 and Continue reading...

Intel CTO Predicts Computers Will Disappear

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Intel CTO Predicts Computers Will Disappear

Justin Rattner, Intel CTO, looks ahead to the next 40 years and sees physical computers disappearing into the walls, autos, and homes.

Shades of Kurweil, he says instead of technology being an evolution over time, big revolutionary changes tend to happen in rapid “giant leaps”. He thinks the next major leap will be in the human interface with technology, with potential future breakthroughs in processing that would have the physical boxes of computers disappear into the fabric of our daily Continue reading...

AMD CEO Promises Re-Structuring

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Frustrated once more by Intel, CEO Hector Ruiz is forced to study AMD’s exit from businesses outside AMD’s core: microprocessors and graphics chips.

It’s ironic the company may have to cut the very escape routes they desire the most to retreat from a deadly-competitive universe ruled by the blue giant star, Intel.

While Intel wooed Apple, AMD chose to woo Dell, once a famously-exclusive Intel shop. When AMD stumbled in its counterattack to Intel’s new chip line, AMD’s Continue reading...

Nvidia’s Huang Harangues Intel

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Nvidia’s Huang Harangues IntelApparently Nvidia Founder/CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is less scared of Intel technology than their PR machine. “Intel Inside” (where integrated-graphics silicon are inside most Intel chipsets) doesn’t bother him as much as “Intel Outside” (the pervasive image of Intel as the unstoppable Graphics Rambo).


Another day, another comment from an Intel technologist who predicted “consumers probably won't need discrete cards in the future,” provoked this response: Continue reading...

Make Notebooks More Green

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Green is in and one maker thinks it has the answer for all the laptops and MIDs out there. JJI Technologies showed at CeBIT a new material that’s economical, more than just RoHS and WEEE compliant, easy to assemble, and non-toxic even if it’s set on fire.

 PolyFR™ compound is a non-halogen flame retarded polypropylene compound designed for use in applications where UL-94 V-0 performance is required. It has outstanding low temperature impact strength, tensile properties and Continue reading...

Nanya May Buy Out Qimonda in Inotera Memories JV

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Nanya, one of Taiwan's largest makers of DRAM chips in revenue terms, began discussions with Qimonda after signing a preliminary agreement earlier this month with Micron Technology Inc. to set up a JV to develop technology for making DRAM chips.   Go Inotera Panicking?

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