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PCs - PC Components

USA, EU Join for Counterfeit Computer Raids

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In "Operation Infrastructure," coordinated U.S. and European authorities seized thousands of counterfeit computer components in November and December.

About 360,000 items, mostly computer networking hardware and ICs, were seized by the U.S. Customs and EC Taxation and Customs Union Directorate General.

The U.S. and EU said last year that they would establish the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to encourage countries to follow intellectual property rights established by the World Trade Continue reading...

Keyboard “Quiver” for Gamers

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Keyboard “Quiver” for Gamers

Standard backpacks aren’t long enough to hold a keyboard. And it’s so uncool to cart a keyboard around in its box. Now the Keyboard Quiver, a new, ergonomic keyboard case might become an essential tool of the gaming trade, holding a keyboard, mouse, headphones, cables, power cords and even MP3 players.

"The Quiver is the first bag specifically designed to meet the needs of competitive gamers," says Ken Newman, Director of Marketing for Falcon Safety Products, manufacturer of Continue reading...

Dell Launches EMEA PartnerDirect

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 Lacking any more quick wit about the channel being inefficient middle men, Dell is supplementing its classic direct sales approach.

According to Josh Claman, GM Dell Channels EMEA, the pricing strategy would enable resellers to sell Dell equipment at the same price as Dell and still achieve “good margins.”

Despite being anti-channel for decades, Dell recently signed deals with large European retailers such as Carrefour, DSG and Tesco.

Video of DELL’s Deal for Partners

NVidia Buys Ageia

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nVidiaComputer graphics board maker NVidia buys the dedicated Physics Processing Unit (PPU) maker.

The industry leader in gaming physics technology, AGEIA's PhysX® software is widely adopted with more than 140 PhysX-based games shipping or in development on Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and gaming PCs. AGEIA physics software has more than 10,000 registered and active users of the PhysX SDK.

Go NVidia Buys A PPU

Shuttle's KPC

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Shuttle's KPC

 Shuttle showed this at CES and it’ll probably be at CeBIT: an entry level small footprint PC with enviable design flair.

At only $99 in US, the new entry-level Shuttle may sell as fast as fried chicken.

That, and the familiarity of the “KFC” label, encourages American pundits to call Shuttle’s new Linux cube, “Kentucky P.C.”

The colourful Shuttle KPC will bundle an Intel processor, an Intel 945GC chipset, 512MB of memory, and 60GB (or 80GB) HDD.

KPC's Shuttle

Design is what Continue reading...

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