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Microsoft to Make No CES Show

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Just as Frank Sinatra famously sang, Microsoft will soon start saying "I did it my way" after deciding to make a final big and expensive appearance at CES 2012, corporate VP Frank X. Shaw announces.

Ballmer CESThe Microsoft keynote at the January show (something of an annual tradition) will be the 14th and last, too. The company has been showing up at CES for the last 20 years.

The reason? Microsoft prefers to make announcements following its own timeline. Refusal to pay for CES space might be an issue, as Microsoft will instead focus on its own events (such as MIX or BUILD).

The company will still make future CES appearances, but in muted form-- the CEA confirms Microsoft is not renting out the massive Central Hall space for CES 2013.

In conclusion? Just like Apple, Microsoft will be making major announcements and reveals at Microsoft-organised, Microsoft-specific events.

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