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Nintendo Adds Papercraft to Switch

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Nintendo remains on a quirky streak as it announces Labo-- a range of "experiences designed to inspire creative minds and playful hearts alike" customers build out of cardboard.

Nintendo LaboAs seen in the announcement video, Labo sets consists of sheets of perforated cardboard. Customers pop out the different shapes and fold them according to on-screen instructions to create objects such as a piano, fishing rod, bike or even a robot suit. Nintendo calls these results "Toy-Cons," and they spring to life when the users slot the Switch controllers or tablet into place.

Thus the cardboard piano becomes a playable instrument, with the IR sensor in the right Joy-Con detecting which key is being pressed before the console plays it through the built-in speakers. Other Toy-Cons use the combination of controller and console to create drivable motorbikes, fishing games and what looks like an interactive house.

Most intriguing, however, is the robot suit-- a set allowing players to control a giant robot by physically stomping and punching. It comes complete with backpack, boots, gloves and visor, and should it work properly it will be nothing less than the Nintendo virtual reality killer. At least for this writer-slash-child at heart, at any rate.

Interestingly, Labo is not the first Nintendo foray into foldable cardboard. As detailed by the Before Mario blog, back in 1974 the venerable Kyoto-based company released a variety of papercraft model kits, the self-explanatory Paper Model range.

Nintendo Labo launches on April 2018 in a choice of 2 kits-- the "Variety Kit" featuring 5 different games and Toy-Cons, and the "Robot Kit" packing the robot suit. Also available is a "Customisation Kit" with stickers, stencils and coloured tape allowing users to customise the Toy-Cons as they see fit.

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