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Gartner: "Moderate" Decline for Q4 EMEA PCs

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According to Gartner EMEA PC shipments total 21.8 million in Q4 2017-- a -1.4% Y-o-Y decline, with the market hit by ailing demand in the UK and weaker-than-expected German shipments.

Gartner q4 2017 PC market

The analyst expects a Y-o-Y increase in W. European PC revenues for the quarter, while a combination of currency fluctuations, rising component costs and a product-mix shift towards higher-value products (such as gaming systems and high-performance notebooks) brings an increase in ASPs.

On a global basis, Q4 2017 PC shipments are down by -2% Y-o-Y to 71.6m units, making a 13th consecutive quarter of falling global PC shipments. Meanwhile full-year 2017 is the 6th year of annual PC declines, as shipments total 262.5m, a fall of -2.8% decline.

"The Q4 2017 results confirmed again that PCs are no longer popular holiday gift items. This does not mean that PCs will disappear from households," Gartner says. "Rather, the PC will become a more specialised, purpose-driven device. PC buyers will look for quality and functionality rather than looking for the lowest price, which will increase PC average selling prices (ASPs) and improve profitability in the long run. However, until this point is reached, the market will have to go through the shrinking phase caused by fewer PC users."

Gartner 2017 pcs

2017 is also a year of PC market consolidation, since the top 4 vendors-- namely HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple-- hold 64% of shipments (in comparison the top 4 held 45% of 2011 shipments). This is the result of the lower production costs brought about by volume operations, leading to the pushing of small and midsize vendors.

Go Gartner Says WW PC Shipments Declined -2% in Q4 2017 and -2.8% for the Year