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The First LG Nano IPS Monitor

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LG announces a first monitor with Nano IPS technology-- the 32UK950, a 32-inch UHD 4K number featuring HDR600 support for even higher dynamic range peak brightness and Thunderbolt 3 compatibility.

LG MonitorNano IPS technology involves the addition of nanometer-sized particles to the LED panel. According to LG the particles absorb excess light wavelengths, "greatly enhancing" on-screen colours. The monitor displays 98% of the CI-P3 colour spectrum, making it ideal for prosumers seeking "superb colour reproduction."

The 32UK950 is also the first monitor with surpport for Thunderbolt 3 docking, allowing the setup of dual 4K monitors. It connects to modern notebooks such as the Macbook Pro via single Thunderbolt 3 cable (no charging adapter or USB cables required) transmitting video, audio and 60W power.

Another LG monitor with Nano IPS technology is the 34WK95U-- a 34-inch ultrawide monitor with 5K (5120 x 2160) resolution. The first 21:9 5K display from the company, it is aimed at professional customers such as video editors, photographers and software developers, and also handles all connectivity through Thunderbolt 3.

Both LG monitors will be on show at CES 2018.

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