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The First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones

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Synaptics announces mass production with a "top five OEM" of the Clear ID FS9500 family of optical in-display fingerprint sensors-- a vendor Forbes reveals is no other than Vivo.

Vivo fingerprint sensorThe Synaptics sensors promise "one-touch high-resolution scanning through full cover glass." They should enable button-free, bezel-free infinity displays, and since the sensor is covered by glass it operates with wet, dry and cold fingers. In addition, Synaptics claims the sensor is "twice as fast" as 3D facial recognition, and requires just one touch to operate.

On the security front, the sensors carry a range of authentication technologies, such as Quantum Matcher (for adaptive fingerprint template matching and authentication), PurePrint (anti-spoof technology) and SecureLink (combines support for TLS protocol with ECC authentication and AES encryption).

The Forbes report describes the Clear ID experience as "fast and simple," even in a pre-production unit, since one simply needs to touch the sensor area at the bottom of the phone after waking the phone up. Vivo might even replace the system with a "hold to wake" function, making the procedure even simpler.

Synaptics expects the market for in-display sensors will reach 70 million units in 2018, so will have to wait until then to check whether the technology actually lives up to such promises.

Go Synaptics Brings World's First In-Display Fingerprint Sensors for Smartphones to Mass Production

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