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Qualcomm Details Snapdragon 845

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Qualcomm announces the next generation of flagship Snapdragon mobile processor-- the Snapdragon 845, a direct successor to the 835 with features including 4K HDR video capture at up to 60fps.

Snapdragon 845The Snapdragon 845 combines a 2.8GHz 8-core Kyro 385 CPU and an Adreno 630 GPU. The GPU promises a 30% improvement in graphics, as well as 30% better power efficiency, 2.5x faster display throughput and support for room-scale 6DOF and room mapping for VR and AR applications.

On the photography side, the chip offers a Spectra 280 ISP performs multiframe noise reduction on 16MP images at 60fps, with support for the Rec. 2020 colour gamut and 10-bit colour depth. As mentioned earlier, it also allows for 4K video capture with HDR at 60fps, as well as slo-mo 720p video at 480fps and 1080p video at 240fps.

An X20 gigabit LTE modem supports 20% faster peak and real-world speeds compared to the 2016 X16, and enables 90% of carriers from across the globe to deploy gigabit services. Another addition is TrueWireless Bluetooth 5 allowing a single device to broadcast audio to multiple speakers or headphones simultaneously, with a 50% improvement in power consumption.

The first devices carrying the Snapdragon 845 should start hitting the market from Q2 2018. The chip will also appear in "Always Connected" Windows 10 notebooks.

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