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The AiO EKWB EK-MLC Phoenix Liquid Coolers

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EK Water Blocks presents an update on the EK-XLC Predator all-in-one (AIO) liqiud coolers-- the EK-MLC Phoenix series, featuring an improved modular design the company says allows for easier configuration.

Phoenix seriesWhile the Predator series consisted of a combination of radiator and CPU block, the Phoenix line features a set of fully independent and water blocks. Each component is sold separately, and is pre-filled and terminated with dripless quick-disconnect fittings to allow any number of water blocks to fit in a loop.

The loop should consist of at least two parts-- the radiator module containing the pump and radiator, and a choice of cooling modules (either CPU, Video Card, or both). The radiator core module is a high-fin density EK-CoolStream radiator, and comes pre-filled and complete with pump and high-static pressure EK-Varder EVO fans (with an integrated fan splitter hub to reduce cable clutter).

The pump and fans are wired to a control board on the unit, and everything is powered via single Molex and PWM header. The radiator comes in size types of 120, 260, 360, 140 and 280mm.

CPU cooling modules come in two versions-- one for Intel/AM4 systems and the other for large AMD Threadripper CPUs. The Intel/AM4 solution supports Intel LGA1150/1151/1155/1156/2011-3/2066 sockets, while the sTR4 model is compatible with AMD SocketTR4 (Socket SP3r2) and AMD Socket SP3 based motherboards. The pre-filled CPU cooling module is based on the EK-Supremacy water blocks, and includes an error-preventing mounting mechanism for easy installation, low hydraulic restriction and compatibility with all EK-MLC radiator core modules.

On the GPU side EKWB offers a choice of 23 modules designed to fit cards ranging from the Geforce GTX 1070 to the TitanX Pascal on the Nvidia side and Radeon RX Vega cards on the AMD side. All are made from high-purity copper and directly cool the GPU, RAM (HBM2) and VRM via central inlet split-flow cooling engine. Also included is a rotary terminal allowing the integrated tubing to rotate on the mount point for more flexibility when routing the loop.

All above mentioned EK-MLC Phoenix products should ship from December 2017.

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