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How to Add Cooling to the iPad

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Customers demanding a solution for any overheating issues faced by the iPad? X-naut offers a solution with the Active Cooling Mount, an accessory designed to allow iPad use in extreme situations.

X-naut mountAvailable in versions fitting the iPad Air, 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPad Mini, the Active Cooling Mount fights overheating through an array of four cooling fans. It attaches on the back of the tablet via spring-loaded fans, is powered through either micro USB port or x8 AA batteries and promises relatively low noise levels at 26 DBA.

A battery test button indicates power levels, with green meaning high, yellow low and red battery replacement).

The Active Cooling Mount might sound like a weird deal, but should actually be useful for drone pilots using the iPad in direct sunlight for long hours-- so much so it is compatible with RAM and MYGOFLIGHT (as paired with the Sport-GPS adapter) mounts. The company also offers a kneeboard accessory mount for mounting on the leg.

The curious can get the battery-powered fan-cooling iPad mount now.

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