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Microsoft Brings Intellimouse Back

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A surprise listing on the Microsoft hardware website reveals the return of a classic rodent-- the IntelliMouse, in the shape of a modern version inspired by the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0.

Classic IntelliMouseLaunched in 2002, the IntelliMouse 3.0 was the last version of the IntelliMouse, a mouse line Microsoft started way back in 1996. The first version featured a curvy ergonomic design and introduced the scroll wheel to the world. Actual mouse functionality came through a ball before a 1999 update brought optical tracking technology.

The 2017 Classic IntelliMouse is very similar to the original, if updated with a DPI range reaching up to 3200. It also has 3 customisable buttons, BlueTrack tracking for glass use and a 1000 reports per second mouse report rate. Connectivity remains wired, if via USB. In actual changes, the distinctive red tail light is now a "clean, modern white."

Surface PrecisionAlso announced by Microsoft is a companion mouse for the Surface Book 2-- the Surface Precision Mouse. Featuring an asymmetric design, it offers dual connectivity (via either Bluetooth or USB), multitasking across up to 3 PCs and 6 customisable buttons (regular left/right buttons, scroll wheel and three thumb buttons).

Microsoft is still to announce when the Classic IntelliMouse hits the market. On the other hand the Surface Precision Mouse ships from November 2017.

Go Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

Go Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse