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The Standalone Oculus Go Headset

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Oculus presents what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims is "the most accessible VR headset yet"-- the Oculus Go, a lower-cost headset positioned somewhere between the Rift and Gear VR.

Oculus GoThe Go is a standalone VR device, meaning it does not require a smartphone or tethering to a PC. It is built out of a lightweight mesh fabric, held together with a soft elastic fabric and carries a next-generation version of the optics found in the Rift.

The lenses feature the same wide field of view as the Rift, while the display is a "fast-switch LCD" with 2560 x 1440 resolution. Oculus claims the display has a higher pixel fill factor than OLEDs, with a "dramatic effect on visual clarity." Audio is also improved, with built-in drivers promising an integrated spatial audio experience with no headphones required.

Control comes through a small, included controller, and the Go shares an input set with the Gear VR-- allowing it to be compatible with apps built for the Samsung headset.

Facebook still has to provide other details on the Go, such as hardware specifications, battery life or consumer launch window, but the first dev kits should ship from November 2017.

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