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Huawei Takes on Apple With "Real AI Phone" Promise

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Were you impressed by the iPhone X's Neural Engine-powered face-recognition? Huawei insists it isn't, as it posts a video on its Facebook page stating "facial recognition isn't for everyone."

Huawei AppleFollowing that, the video also claims it will unveil a "real AI phone" on 16 October 2017-- meaning its latest flagship, the Mate 10.

Marketing bombast aside, Huawei might have something actually interesting to show off with the Mate 10. After all, it will be the first phone powered with the Chinese company's latest system-on-a-chip, the Kirin 970. Presented at IFA 2017, the Kirin 970 carries a "Neural Processing Unit" (NPU), a set of processing cores dedicated to AI tasks.

As a result, Huawei claims, the Kirin 970 processes 2000 images per minute in a benchmark image recognition test, making it faster than other chips on the market. It also promises to devices that "become more cognitive of user needs, providing truly personalised and readily accessible services."

Of course, we will decide whether Huawei has a "true AI phone" once it hits the market on October.

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