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Logitech Goes Craft With Flagship Keyboard

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Logitech launches an "advanced" keyboard at IFA 2017-- the Craft, a device aimed at professionals and creatives featuring the Crown, a "creative input dial" users can customise to handle any number of tasks.

Logitech CraftThe Crown sits on the top left part of the keyboard, and is very reminiscent of the standalone Surface Dial from Microsoft. It serves a similar purpose, allowing one to do image adjustments in Adobe Photoshop, jog video in Adobe Premiere, scroll through an Excel spreadsheet or even navigate a Spotify playlist with a twist. One can also click the dial in for a second function.

Setting up the Crown comes through Logitech Options software for the assignment of turns or clicks to what Logitech claims is pretty much all apps. In the near future developers will also get an SDK for further software integration.

Meanwhile the actual keyboard is a Bluetooth LE number designed for comfort, with "each key is engineered for efficiency, stability and precision." It is compatible with Windows or Macs machines, features smart illumination able to adjust automatically according to room lighting and, obviously, plays nicely with other Logitech peripherals.

The Logitech Craft keyboard hits European retail shelves post-IFA on September 2017.

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