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Insta360 Presents Flexible 360 Camera

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360-degree camera maker Insta360 presents another product ideal for customers wanting to take more immersive photography-- the Insta360 One, a camera able to shoot 24MP stills and 4K resolution video.

Insta360 OneThe One is a small device the size of a small sausage link. It features 2 cameras, and can either be plugged into the iPhone Lightning port or used remotely, with the phone acting as Bluetooth controller. Gyroscopic stabilisation promises more steady video recording, the main body has a built-in tripod mount and an included protective case doubles as a stand.

An interesting "FreeCapture" mode allows one to "shoot first, point later." This means one can take a 360-degree photo or video, then spin, pinch and zoom the image to frame a 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1 composition to create a 2D image. The camera can even edit out any selfie sticks for cleaner images.

Further features include a time lapse capture, full manual camera settings, "SmartTrack" to track specific subjects and support for RAW (images) and Log (Video) formats. On launch the One supports the iPhones only, although an Android version should be available soon enough.

The Insta360 One ships from September 2017 in a package including micro SD card, micro USB cable, case and string attachment.

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