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An All Controller for All Games

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Startup Digital Depth claims to have a solution for the control of multiple game systems-- the All Controller, a device one can describe as a universal remote only for game consoles.

All ControllerThe All Controller is similar in design to the Xbox One controller, if with a small display set in the centre. The makers claim it works with a wide range of machines, including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch and Wii U, as well as PCs, Macs, iDevices and Android devices. This variety of compatible hardware is where the display comes in, since it allows users to set up the controller accordingly.

Thus, to connect the All Controller to an iPhone, one needs to load up the appropriate pre-loaded driver via the display, before selecting the controller from the iOS Bluetooth settings. Connection to consoles requires the plugging in of an included USB dongle, before loading the driver.

The display also allows users to customise the controller, such as tweaking stick sensitivity or swapping button placement. On PC one can also set up the controller to emulate either the mouse or keyboard. Another feature has the controller store up to 16 different profiles, all with custom macros and combos.

As one might expect from such a device, the All Controller is currently available as a preorder via Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign is already successful, and Digital Depth says shipments should start from March 2018.

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