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The Camera-Equipped Smart Wallet

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The Volterman adds a high-tech security twist to the regular wallet-- the "smart" wallet features GPS and 3G connectivity, as well as a RFID protection and a camera allowing it snap pictures of would-be thieves.

VoltermanThe wallet essentially packs the internals of a somewhat dated smartphone, only without the screen. Users can pair it with their phones via Bluetooth 5.0, providing an alarm in case the wallet is lost. The GPS helps in the finding of said wallet, while 3G connectivity turns it into a wifi hotspot.

The aforementioned camera is an optional extra. It switches on when the camera is in lost mode, and snaps and sends photos of anyone who opens the wallet. Powering it are 512MB of RAM and a battery one can also use to charge other mobile devices.

The Volterman wallet comes in 3 sizes-- cardholder, bifold and travel-- with batteries ranging from 2000 to 5000mAh in capacity. It is made out of either Nappa leather or vegan (faux) leather, and is currently available on a preorder basis via Indiegogo.

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