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Steve Jobs Turtleneck Makes a Comeback

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Apple aficionados rejoice-- the black turtleneck that made the uniform of the late Steve Jobs is making a comeback of sorts as Issey Miyake, the company behind garment, announces a new version.

Steve JobsThe original black turtleneck was officially retired on 2011, after the death of Jobs. As such the company insists the new turtleneck, designed by Miyake protégé Yusuke Takahashi, is a different model. Dubbed the "Semi-Dull T," it features a trimmer silhouette with higher shoulders, and is made from 60% polyester and 40% cotton. That said it ultimately looks like, well, a black turtleneck.

Steve Jobs' iconic turtleneck and jeans look actually has an interesting backstory. As Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson puts it, he was inspired to create an Apple uniform after visiting Sony in the 1980s, where every employee (from the lowliest factory worker to co-founder Akio Morita) wore the same outfit, a blue-and-white work jacket.

In 1981, as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations, Sony commissioned Miyake to design a new jacket, a taupe nylon model with no lapels and sleeves one could unzip to convert it into a vest. Jobs loved the design, and commissioned Miyake to design a similar vest for Apple-- only to get booed off stage when he pitched it to the company. After all, individualist Americans are not ones for dress codes. That left Jobs to create a uniform for himself, a minimalist combination of jeans and Miyake turtlenecks, of which he reportedly owned around 100.

For those wanting to don the Jobs look, the Semi-Dull T turtleneck hits the market from July 2017.

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