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Computex 2017 Searches for a New Identity

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Computex 2017 drew 1600 exhibitors from 26 countries (using 5010 stands) including 272 startups from 23 countries.

Walter YehYet Asia’s largest IT show suffers the same post-PC angst as other IT shows.

Walter Yeh, President & CEO of TAITRA says, “Computex has been going through positive transformation the past 2 years with featured exhibits and forum topics in sync with the global technology trends and maintaining its leading position internationally. Computex showcases the complete ICT supply chain while expanding into the IoT ecosystems and AI applications of today. We 4corporations and startups to establish strategic partnerships.”

Computex 2017 treated 41,378 international visitors from 167 countries attending the show to some of the most interesting consumer IT products…

So what is it about PC trade shows that causes show organizers to seek “transformation” when showing the benchmarks (1600 exhibitors! 41,000 buyers!) that would do any other industry proud?

It’s just uncool to be PC these days. The glamor has moved on and so has the innovation. So being PC has fallen down the ladder, relegated and dismissed by the vanguard of high tech.  The PC is, well, so yesterday.

Yet the PC market is still huge, with worldwide PC shipments totaling 62.2 million units in the first quarter of 2017. Think about that…62m per quarter! And it

That number comes from Gartner includes desk-based PCs, notebook PCs and ultramobile premiums (such as Microsoft Surface), but not Chromebooks or iPads.  Why?

This question should be answered in your best George Carlin punch-line voice: Because they are not PCs.

Not PCs? Gartner has it reasons but it seems like another attempt to discredit the PC industry by excluding two of the best-selling PC-like devices.

But let’s move on…

If you believe some people hang onto their PC for five years, then we can imagine a billion PCs out there, begging for accessories, peripherals and add-ons.

The business segment still sees the PC as an important device:  it's the main work device for businesses. And there will also be specialized niche markets for with purpose-built PCs, gaming PCs and ruggedized laptops.

And Computex, the home show for Asian brands and global OEM/ODM suppliers, is the best place in the world now to see the latest hardware and accessories. That’s why buyers travel across the world and pay for the airplane tickets and hotels

Wow, the super gaming laptops, the back-lit keyboards, hi-res monitors, mice, new case designs, and peripherals… Computex is the one place in the world you can still see all the latest PC kit.

Did you see the photos from the amazing “mods” at Computex? CoolerMaster built an entire studio devoted to enhancing the appearance and performance of PCs, bringing in top artists and modders from around the world (dominated by Europeans) to the secrets of world class PC building.

And instead of shouting about the glory of a mature market, Computex is left (like other IT shows) trying to justify its existence by a few speeches and industry panels on cooler tech—like AI, IoT,and robots.

Instead Computex should embrace its position as the “Last Man Standing in PC Shows” and shout it from the rooftops.

Go Computex