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Eero Wifi Enters Second Generation

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The Eero mesh-based wifi system enters its second generation, with an updated router claiming to be twice as fast and twice as powerful as its predecessor even as it maintains the same form factor.

EeroLike the first Eero router, the new version remains a router, wireless access point and range extender inside a small, white box. The update adds tri-band technology, allowing it to broadcast on 3 wireless bands simultaneously. The Eero can use any of the 3 bands to send data to device or communication between nodes, as per network demands.

Another addition is support for Thread, the smart home communications protocol developed by the Google-owned Nest. Thread is reportedly easier to deploy than ZigBee and Z-Wave but so far no device on the market supports it, making the Eero update something of a future-proof home automation device should Thread grow into a viable smart home networking protocol.

Also announced by Eero is the Beacon-- a wifi extender with a smaller footprint than the regular Eero router. Users simply plug the Beacon directly into a wall outlet, and it automatically extends wifi range. It lacks a tri-band radio, but the company says it still provides a 20-30% performance boost over the previous generation.

A final Eero announcement concerns security. The company is offering a Eero Plus, a subscription-based service adding enhanced parental controls, protection against malware, ransomware and phishing attacks, and priority access to customer support.

So far the Eero wifi system is only available in the US.

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