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Sony Intros Android-Powered Xperia Touch Projector

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Mobile World Congress 2017 has Sony unveil a surprise device-- the Xperia Touch is an Android-powered projector able to turn any surface into a touchscreen while acting as a digital hub of sorts.

Xperia TouchAs the company puts it, the Xperia Touch can put all kinds of information, including calendar, weather data and a "memo board," on a single interface. The idea is family members input events and leave notes on the interface for all to see, turning it into a digital notice board for the home. Google Assistant provides voice control, and the built-in battery promises around 1 hour of use on a single charge.

The projector also carries a 13MP camera and speakers, allowing it to handle Skype video chats, while SXRD projection technology detects gestures and taps. Maximum projection sizes reaches 80-inch at 1366 x 768 resolution, and images can be projected on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Being Android-powered, the Xperia Touch handles any functionality required from an Android tablet-- it can browse the web, show videos or slideshows, download apps and games from the Google Play Store and even work with the PS4 Remote Play features to run games over the internet.

The Xperia Touch reaches European retail shelves on an unspecified Q2 2016 date.

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