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Remix OS Gets Mobile Version

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Jide Technologies announces a new version of the Android-based Remix OS-- one designed for both smartphones and Android-based PCs armed with a new feature dubbed Remix Singularity.

Remix OSEssentially Remix Singularity is an Android equivalent to Continuum, the Windows 10 feature allowing users to turn a smartphones into a PC by plugging in the necessary peripherals (such as a keyboard and monitor). Thus, the smartphone version of Remix OS has a UI ideal for smaller displays, but plugging the mobile device to a monitor or TV brings the full Remix OS UI seen in tablets and PCs.

The PC version of Remix OS looks very much like Windows, and comes complete with floating windows, a start menu, task bar and full mouse and keyboard controls. On the smartphone side, on the other hand, the company tells The Verge it looks "as close to stock Android as possible." Like previous versions of Remix OS it should be free to download, and will allow access to all regular Android apps once one side-loads the Play Store.

Will Jide manage to turn Android smartphones into PCs? We will know once the latest version of its OS is available for download come H2 2017.

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