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Nikon Cancels DL Series Cameras

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Back in February 2016 Nikon announces the DL series, a trio of "premium compact" 4K cameras. However the cameras are not to reach customers, since it has been cancelled.

Nikon DL SeriesThe three cameras featured the same 1-inch CX sensor found in the Nikon 1 series cameras. They were also supposedly fairly capable, with the DL18-50 and DL24-85 offering variable f1.8-2.8 apertures, 4K video and fast shooting speeds (20fps in with continuous focus, 60fps without).

However, despite showing such promise, the series was delayed "indeterminately" on June 2016 due to troubles with the integrated circuit making the image processor. Nikon does not say whether such issues were resolved, instead citing "concerns regarding profitability" and market "slow-down" as the reasons behind the axing of the DL series.

"We sincerely apologise to all those affected by this decision, especially those customers who waited so long for the cameras to be released, retailers and others whose business will be affected, for the inconvenience this decision may cause," the company adds.

The cancellation means Nikon is now near entirely reliant on DSLRs in order to turn a profit, even if 2016 did see it launch an action camera lineup. Profitability woes reportedly led the company to slash its workforce by 1000, at least according to a November 2016 Nikkei report.

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