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Pioneer Pioneers PC 4K Blu-ray Drives

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Pioneer 4K DrivePioneer is the first company to launch PC Blu-ray drives capable of playing UHD Blu-rays, providing customers with means to check out disc-based 4K resolution content on their computers.

The Japanese company offers two flavours of drive-- the regular BDRBDR-S11J-BK and higher-end BDR-S11J-X promising improved audio CD playback quality as well as more quiet performance.

Actually playing 4K content requires a fairly hefty PC, mind. In fact, one needs an Intel Kaby Lake Core i5 or i7 CPU, minimum 6GB RAM, a 4K-capable HDMI 2.0 port and, of course, an HDMI 2.0-equipped 4K monitor.

The drives ship in Pioneer's home Japan by end February 2017. No word of a Western release is available as yet.

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