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The Asus ROG Gaming Router

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Asus ROG presents what it describes as a router "designed specifically for gaming"-- the Rapture GT-AC5300, a piece of networking hardware complete with tri-band wifi, 8 LAN ports and a "PC-grade" CPU.

Asus ROG RouterSince it is aimed at gamer customers the Rapture looks like an angular black spider, with 8 chunky legs lifted like antennas to heaven. Basically imagine the aesthetic opposite of the consumer-friendly routers like the Google OnHub router. However Asus insists the ugliness hides a number of innovative features, such as "Gaming Centre" software providing an instant overview of network status and stability, the number of connected devices and any games running on said devices.

On the hardware side it carries a 1.8GHz quad-core CP, 2 of the 8 LAN ports prioritise gaming traffic in conjunction with a Game Boost feature and a Game Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provides integrated security based on Trend Micro technology, allowing users to antivirus and firewall software in order to free up CPU performance.

Asus gives no word as to when the Rapture router starts shipping.

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