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Nvidia Updates Shield TV at CES

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The Nvidia CES 2017 keynote has the company reveal a refresh of the Shield TV streaming box-- an update complete with 4K HDR streaming capability for both games and movies.

Nvidia Shield TVDescribed by the company as "the streamer for gamers," the latest Shield TV comes with both a game controller and a regular remote. Customers can also control it through voice via Google Assistant, with an optional microphone accessory (named the Nvidia Spot) acting as an equivalent to the Amazon Echo speaker. Integration with the SmartThings smart home hub adds control of devices compatible with the Samsung automation platform.

Details on the actual hardware inside the box are scant-- although Nvidia claims the Shield TV offers x3 the performance of any other streaming box on the market it probably does not carry the latest X2 mobile processor, since the company would surely trumpet such a fact. What Nvidia does say is that the latest version supports "thousands" of games, including Watch Dogs 2, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and For Honor. It will also include a Steam app for the streaming of games from PCs to TVs in 4K HDR.

The Shield TV should hit select European markets later on January 2017.

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