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HP Presents Sprocket Mini Printer

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HP SprocketHP announces a take on the portable photo printers popularised by the Fuji Instax line-- the Sprocket, a palm-size number complete with obligatory companion app.

The Sprocket pairs with iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth or NFC, and prints 2x3 photos or stickers either directly from the handset's camera roll or social media (Instagram, Facebook or Flicker). Printing comes through ZINK (Zero Ink), the technology used by similar products from LG and Polaroid using special sheets of paper covered with heat-activated dye colour crystals instead of ink cartridges.

The app provides basic photo editing functions, while printer charging comes through micro-USB cable.

The HP Sprocket is available now in either white or black, and is packaged with a 10-pack of ZINK paper. Additional packs contain 20 sheets and are sold separately.

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